Leading Breakthrough
with Intensives

We have seen first hand how powerfully effective a sequestered retreat setting can be for helping create change in a person or a marriage.


Do you want to accelerate your personal, relational or leadership effectiveness?  We have a proven model for personal and leadership development in a beautiful sequestered retreat environment.  We will tailor-fit a retreat design to align with your goals and availability from 2-4 days with a certified executive coach facilitating your development journey.

  • personality profiles
  • 360 feedback tools
  • personal development plan
  • values & vision & purpose
  • leadership blueprint
  • heath & wellness plan
I have now have a clear and compelling vision for our company with specific intentional behaviors we can immediately put in place to take us to the next level. —Business Owner`


Marriage in Crisis

Our marriage intensives are for couples on the brink of failure. One of a kind, our intensives start with a 3-day retreat and continue with bi-weekly sessions (virtually or in person) for three months to continue the healing and growing process.

Then, we meet back again three months later with a second 2-day retreat focused on deepening the new change and building new healthy skills.

We then, follow up with you for two more months with bi-weekly sessions for ensuring sustainable success. While very demanding, our innovative marriage intensives are the most effective treatment for couples truly in distress or for those couples who are perpetually stuck.

  • When: August 22nd-24th & November 15th-16th
  • Where: Suwanee, Georgia
  • Cost: $6,000 (full 5-month experience, incl. all bi-weekly follow up sessions)
  • Payment plans and potential scholarship available by request

Marriage Skills Weekend

Our weekend retreats are for marriages who simply need to get away and learn new healthy habits and skills for communicating, decision-making and solving conflict.

You can have a weekend tailor-made for a small group of friends or join an existing group of 10-12 couples at a beautiful resort for a full service weekend away together.

  • Open enrollment retreat coming soon: TBA

Couples Wellness Retreat

Recapture the adventure, playfulness and intimacy in your marriage.

Our 4-day retreats to fun destination locations are designed for integrating the best of four core elements to help you and your spouse simply get your laugh back.

We are currently taking requests for tailored small groups of 4-8 couples and will be offering our first open enrollment group retreat of 12-15 couples in 2018.

Outdoor Adventure
  • snow skiing/snow shoeing
  • sea-kayaking/ paddle boarding
  • trail running/ hiking
  • horseback riding/ four wheeling
Health & Wellness
  • healthy eating/ cooking
  • massage & relaxation
  • building healthy mindset
  • core physical development
Marriage Coaching
  • recapturing fun and laughter
  • restoring intimacy and romance
  • teamwork and partnership development
  • creating courageous intentionality
Spiritual Faith
  • building spiritual intimacy
  • developing margin
  • vision & core values
We were done and ready to file for divorce. Our neighbors intervened and suggested the marriage intensive. Miracles happened in just a few short days. We now actually like each other again for the first time in a decade. —former couple in crisis


Do you have a clear vision for your family that guides your collective and individual life decisions?

Be more intentional to influence your family with the values that shape who you are.

Sometimes families need to get away from the frenetic pace of life to enjoy fun, interactive learning activities in a sequestered retreat environment with an intentional growth objective as a family. Trained family consultants guide the family into an identification of their core values, their family vision statement, and new healthy habits by which the family will strive toward together.

Throughout the retreat, our professional family consultants will guide you through assessment, discussion, exercises, and coaching. You will gain understanding of who you are as a family, what makes you unique and how you can create a healthy family legacy that’s transferred into the next generation.

For years, we felt like we were simply running the fast paced treadmill of trying to keep up with everyone else. After the weekend retreat, we have a new intentional blueprint for how we want to live as a family. ~ refreshed wife and mom of 4