Leading Breakthrough

We believe everyone has barriers preventing them from living a truly fulfilled life.

We strive to lead individuals in overcoming obstacles and equipping them to be ready for the next time they find themselves in front of one.

One on One Counseling Sessions

We have a staff of 9 qualified and state licensed clinicians who are equipped to create a highly confidential, professional yet very comfortable environment to best facilitate your journey toward healthy change.

For you as an individual, we will create a private one on one therapy session in our newly renovated professional offices.

We strive to help couples overcome obstacles, strengthen their bond and be empowered to navigate future challenges.


Find out the strengths and growth areas of your relationship before you get engaged! Couples who go through pre-engagement counseling report a higher level of confidence and satisfaction with their relationship if and when they decide to take the next step toward marriage.

Taking the inventory is easy, just click the link below. You’ll pay for the inventory directly and then print the report yourself. Once you print your report, call us at (404) 842-3150 to schedule an appointment with one of our therapists trained and certified in the Prepare/Enrich inventory assessment tools


We offer a variety of screening inventories to assess your strengths and growth areas as a couple.  These inventories allow the therapists to help you focus objectively on critical relationship issues. We have therapists who are trained and certified Prepare/Enrich counselors and DISC Personality consultants who administer and interpret these inventories.

To schedule a relationship inventory with a pre-marital specialist today, choose one of these options:


We want you and your fiancé to experience the most complete marriage training possible to prepare your marriage for success.  However, we know that all engaged couples have budget and timing issues to evaluate.  So, we have two options to find the right counseling package to fit your needs and your budget.

  • Option A:
      • PREPARE Online Inventory, which includes couples workbook
      • 5 sessions with one of our pre-marital specialists
      • Cost: $650
  • Option B:
      • Pre-marital counseling using the Couples Check-Up
      • Online assessment that you purchase and print yourself
      • $150/session, paid at the end of each session (no minimum required)

Get Help

Tension in marriage typically stems from what’s happening at the individual level.  Each spouse’s pain or struggle can easily “trigger” the other’s hurts and defenses. When both people experience growth and change as individuals, the marriage is enhanced – allowing for more effective communication, greater empathy, increased trust, intimacy, sexual fulfillment, more effective parenting and an overall healthier sense of “team.”

We can help you get from where you are now to where you want your marriage to be.

In addition to traditional marriage therapy, we also provide assessment tools such as the DISC personality Profile and the Enrich Inventory to help our therapists focus on the immediate strength and growth areas of a couple’s relationship.

Get a Marriage Check-up

Your marriage doesn’t have to be “in trouble” to benefit from couple’s therapy. Many couples simply want to strengthen their marriage by learning how to connect more intimately during the everyday challenges and stressors of life.

Click below to take our online inventory to test the health of your marital connection then call us at (404) 842-3150 to set an appointment for a “marriage check-up” session with one of our marriage therapists.

We were drowning in blame and criticism for so long and now we're having the most intimate conversations we've ever had. - former couple in crisis

We strive to lead families in overcoming obstacles and equipping them to be ready for the next time they find themselves in front of one.

Child-Centered Talk Therapy

For verbal and articulate children ages 9-12, we provide talk therapy centered on the child's agenda to allow for the child to feel safe to take risks in exploring what current issue is presenting a challenge.  We provide therapy solutions for challenges such as:

  • Anxiety, Phobias & Depression
  • ADHD & Learning challenges
  • Behavior problems
  • Adjustment issues
  • Social skills training
  • Religious/spiritual concerns
  • Divorce and Family Transition
  • Chronic illness

For younger children ages 4-10, we provide play therapy that allows children to move towards healing by using their natural language of play to take risks in a safe environment.

We now have a brand new play therapy only room specifically tailored toward making therapy a welcoming safe place for young children.


We provide individual and family counseling by therapists specializing in adolescent therapy focused on:

  • Attention Deficit Disorder
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Eating Disorders
  • Disruptive Behavior
  • Self Esteem
  • Social and interpersonal problems
  • Family conflict
  • Screening for learning disabilities


We have parenting specialists to help you better understand how to better navigate these difficult challenges facing your family right now.  We also work collaboratively with our adolescent therapists and outside trusted child psychiatrists and other professionals in order to better help design a healthy parenting blueprint for you.

Most of us here at LifeGate are right in the middle of parenthood right along with you.  We know, as you do that parenting has many challenges along the way.

Therefore, we have highly experienced parenting specialists to help you better assess the challenges you face right now.

They will help you identify the problems then offer parenting solutions to increase your effectiveness as a mom or dad or even as a grandparent.

The transition to motherhood can be so hopeful and joyous, but many times, it brings unexpected challenges. Many women are discouraged and shocked when their dreams and expectations do not match their present realities. They might be:

  • Yearning to have a child and struggling with the pain of infertility
  • Feeling disconnected from their newborn
  • Overwhelmed by lack of sleep and the demands of a colicky baby
  • Plagued with anxiety over the potential harm that could come to their child
  • Struggling to keep up with daily tasks
  • Surprised by deep feelings of loneliness
  • Trying to manage a career and raise a child

When we meet with new or expectant moms who are facing any of these challenges, we make sure they know they are not the first. They are not alone. And with support, they can navigate this season successfully.


As Boomers begin to hit retirement, they are becoming caregivers for their aging parents and this need is growing by the day.

At LifeGate, we have a Gerontology specialist who focuses on helping those caring for their aging parents.  We also have highly specialized referrals for helping equip you as the caregiver with tools for planning and consultation for long term care.

Our aging parent specialist focuses therapy support on:

  • Care for the caregiver
  • Gaining support
  • Seeking balance
  • Setting limits
  • Caring for your own health
  • Relieving stress
We didn't know where to turn. Her anxiety was out of control and tragically effecting our entire family. LifeGate's team collaborated to guide our daughter and us as parents into a better place. - struggling family